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PVCSPrivate Virtual Circuits
PVCSPolytron Version Control System
PVCSProject Version Control System
PVCSProfessional Version Control System
PVCSPrescott Valley Charter School (Prescott Valley, AZ)
PVCSPenn View Christian School
PVCSPortable Voice Communication System
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The dry PVC particles (75 g) were placed into the vessel and the monomer, crosslinker and benzoyl peroxide solution (25 g) was gradually added to the reactor, at room temperature, while stirring the PVC particles (a process similar to dry-blending of PVC particles with plasticizers).
Samples of 0.3 g enclosed in sealed extraction thimbles were placed in boiling cyclohexanone (solvent for PVC, PS and PMMA) for 24 hours, and subsequently dried in a vacuum oven at 120[degrees]C, for 3-4 hours, ASTM D 2765.
[C.sup.13] solid-state CPMAS NMR was used to probe and actually to deny possible phase miscibility and molecular level interaction within the modified PVC, since such effects are not very probable at the polymerization conditions used.
The total open pore volume in the PVC particles was determined by the quantity of DOP plasticizer (di-2-ethylhexyl phthalate) absorbed by the particles, and also with a mercury porosimeter (Aminco), American Instrument Co., Inc.) according to ASTM D 3367 and ASTM D 2873, respectively.
Normal release efforts - LifeLine for PVCS allows development teams to create multiple concurrent releases of their application while keeping them informed on the status of on- going maintenance releases.
Hot Fix support - LifeLine for PVCS's formal, automated hot fix process supports developers in making orderly, controlled updates or patches to their applications.
Complete physical model of development lifecycle - By implementing a physical model of an organization's development lifecycle on its network, LifeLine for PVCS gives different teams access to code as it progresses through the development life cycle (e.g., QA, Integration, Auditing, etc).
Complete split-lifecycle (LAN/Mainframe) automation support - LifeLine for PVCS automatically creates and assigns new labels, and promotes code to production in PVCS Version Manager immediately after promotion to production on the mainframe.
The data also shows Bauchi state with the least number of uncollected PVCs at 15,542, followed by Bayelsa and Plateau 28,533 and 25,300
The commission,however, disclosed that 351,272 PVCs had so far been collected across the 36 states and the FCT between 2015 to March 2018.
INEC further showed that 230,175 out of the 351,272 PVCs were collected in 2017 while the remaining 121,097 cards were collected in 2018.