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PVDPhysical Vapor Deposition (surface coating technology)
PVDProvidence (Amtrak station code; Providence, RI)
PVDPaul Van Dyk (musician)
PVDPeripheral Vascular Disease
PVDPosterior Vitreous Detachment
PVDPrimary Volume Descriptor
PVDPulmonary Venous Drainage (cardiology)
PVDPurulent Vaginal Discharge
PVDProbe Vehicle Data (vehicle sensors)
PVDPost Vacation Depression
PVDPlan View Display (Radar Display)
PVDPreferred Viewing Distance (image quality)
PVDPrimary Volume Descriptor (OSTA universal disk format)
PVDProvidence, RI, USA - TF Green State Airport (Airport Code)
PVDPreviously Viewed DVD (Digital Versatile Disc)
PVDPortable Video Device
PVDProgrammable Voltage Detector (microcontroller, semiconductor)
PVDPlain View Display
PVDPower Voice Data (bundle)
PVDPerformance Verification Document
PVDPremature Ventricular Depolarization
PVDPeripheral Vision Display
PVDPortable Vapor Detector
PVDPhysical Vulnerability Division
PVDParavisual Director
PVDPrimary Visual Direction
PVDPeak Voltage Detect
PVDPersonal Voice Dialer (Net2phone)
PVDPolyvinyl Dichloride
PVDPaid Vacation Day (business benefit)
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Also, the MATRIX PVD system for Advanced Packaging is configured for metal deposition utilising Intevac's patented Linear Scanning Magnet Array (LSMA) magnetron, which achieves significantly higher target utilisations compared to static planar magnetrons, the company said.
The approval of the IMNOVID triplet (PVd) was supported by data from OPTIMISMM4, the first prospective phase 3 trial to evaluate an IMNOVID-based triplet regimen in patients who were all previously treated with REVLIMID, and the majority (70%) of patients were REVLIMID refractory.
The multi-center, international, open-label, randomized phase 3 clinical trial included 559 patients (281 patients in the PVd arm and 278 in the Vd arm).
On how the collaborations he had with some of Ghana's finest musicians, PVD said he featured Shatta Wale and the late Ebony, which earned him a huge fan base.
PVD causes a sudden increase in the number of new floaters, which result from stringy strands in the vitreous that cast shadows on the retina.
This paper proposes a combination of modified LSB substitution (M-LSB) and PVD. It is judiciously designed in such a manner that the fall off boundary problem (FOBP) does not arise and neither PDH analysis nor RS analysis can detect it.
Table 3 notes the results of seven-way PVD [18] which is an extension of Wu and Tsai's [1] technique.
The aim of this preliminary research is to propose a novel postprocessing approach by subjecting an ABS part produced using FDM technology, to PVD treatment.
4 shows a comparison of the volume of material removed from the treated samples surface layers before and after deposition by thin layer PVD.
It has a gold-colored mirror-effect dial with black print and a distinctive bezel made from polished stainless steel with gold-colored PVD and clear crystals.