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PVDAPartij Van De Arbeid (Labor Party, Netherlands)
PVDAPartij Van De Allochtonen (Dutch: Party of Immigrants)
PVDAPotomac Valley Dressage Association
PVDAPotomac View Decorative Artists (National Society of Tole and Decorative Painters)
PVDAPostfix Virtual Delivery Agent (email controls; software)
PVDAPhilippine Veterinary Drug Association
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The PvdA paid a much higher price for its participation in government.
Another example is the, perhaps more significant, move to the center (which in turn has shifted to the right) by the traditionally large social-democratic Partij van de Arbeid (PvdA), analogous to Labour's move to the center in Britain in the 1990s.
The ruling socialist PvdA dropped by 2.6 percentage points and is set to keep its three seats in the European Parliament, while the centre-right liberal VVD gains 1.1 points but remains at three seats as well.
Minimum Maximum GroenLinks 2.139007 1.342264 0 8 PvdA 3.295035 1.486986 0 10 D66 4.330496 1.442060 0 19 CDA 6.374468 1.432744 1 10 VVD 7.303546 1.464078 1 10 Lijst Pim Fortuyn 7.868085 1.734809 0 10 B Variable descriptions
At the moment, a bill aiming to launch a non-binding referendum - a proposal made back in 2005 by PvdA (Socialists), D66 (progressive Liberals) and GroenLinks (Greens) - is waiting for the Dutch Senate's approval.
According to the court, this cameA at the expense of the other bidder, Italian Palumbo, local daily De Standaard reported Friday, quotingA trade union BBTK and labour party PVDA.
This coalition, first established in 1994, included the leftwing PvdA and right-liberal VVD (plus D66), but for the first time circumventing the Christian democrats (CDA), who were part of the ruling coalition ever since the introduction of general suffrage in 1918 (Irwin, 1999).
At the end of October last year the right-wing VVD and Labor party (PvdA) reached an agreement, under which restrictions on workers from Bulgaria and Romania will be lifted in 2014, while residency requirement to vote in local elections will be increased from five to seven years.
L'electorat notamment feminin, dit etre "degoute" par les partis politiques: 50 pc de l'electorat du parti liberal (VVD) au pouvoir ne se reconnaissent plus dans leur formation politique et de moins en moins des partisans de son allie travailliste (PvdA) se sentent "inspires" par le chef de file de ce dernier.
Third, in just six months, Diederik Samson turned PvdA from disgraced losers into junior partners in a new Dutch government, winning Dutch social democrats influence over several key portfolios, including European Affairs.
The fact that the 46-year-old member of the Dutch Labour Party (PvdA), who had moved to the Dutch finance ministry only in November of last year, lacked finance experience on the Brussels stage was pushed aside by the Germans.