PVDGPetascale Virtual-Data Grid
PVDGPhotovoltaic and Distributed Generation (Florida Solar Energy Center)
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In this paper, enhanced opposition-based firefly algorithm (EOFA) is proposed to determine the optimal size of BESS in a PVDG integrated radial distribution network for mitigating the voltage rise problem.
As mentioned earlier, the root cause of voltage rise in a PVGD integrated system is the intermittent nature of power or current injections at PVDG bus.
(iii) Run the load flow program for the system under study with a PVDG and BESS.
In this work, the 69-radial-bus system as shown in Figure 5 is used where a 3.66 MW PVDG is installed at Bus 61.
The integration of PVDG into a distribution system will have either positive or negative impact depending on the distribution system operating features and the PVDG characteristics.
Another power quality problem arises at the interface between PVDG inverters and the grid is harmonic resonance phenomenon.
On the other hand, it is well known that PVDG needs to be installed at the distribution system level of the electric grid and located close to the load centre.
The integration of PVDG in power systems can alleviate overloading in transmission lines, provide peak shaving, and support the general grid requirement.