PVEPPattern Visual Evoked Potential (opthamology)
PVEPPetroVietnam Exploration and Production Company
PVEPPattern Reversal Visual Evoked Potential
PVEPParoxysmal Visual Evoked Potential (epilepsy)
PVEPPresent Value of Economic Profit (economics)
PVEPPioneer Valley Enterprise Program (est. 1997)
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Therefore, the present study is designed to assess retinal and optic nerve bioelectrical function using ERG, combined with PERG and PVEP in both eyes of patients with unilateral asymptomatic but hemodynamically significant ICAS without objective signs and symptoms of ocular ischemia.
PVEP also holds a 40% stake in the joint venture project to develop the Bir Seba oil field, currently in the development phase.
In our patient, the presence of relative afferent pupillary defect in the right eye, impaired color vision in both eyes, and significantly prolonged p100 latency on pVEP were considered evidence of previous optic neuritis attack and optic nerve demyelination.
The PVEP [P.sub.100] component was of reduced amplitude and normal peak time in the right eye (possibly secondary to macular dysfunction rather than reflecting primary optic nerve disease) while responses in the left eye were recorded within normal range.
For the parameters [lambda] [member of] [LAMBDA] and [mu] [member of] [OMEGA], we consider the following parametric vector equilibrium problem (PVEP) of finding [bar.x] [member of] K([lambda]) such that
Within 31 months, PVEP and its partners will build an oil processing centre with a capacity of 20,000 barrels per day, a compressing plant to transfer fuel from the Bir Seba oil field to Hassi Messaoud city with a daily capacity of 1 million cubic metres, two 130km-oil pipelines, a water separating plant and a power plant in the oil field in southern Algeria.
TUNIS, April 13, 2010 (TAP)- Vietnam's president Nguyen Minh Triet Tuesday paid a visit to the premises of the Vietnamese oil prospecting company "PVEP Tunisia," a subsidiary of "Petrovietnam."
PVEP, the production arm of state oil Petrovietnam, said on Monday it planned to acquire a majority stake in an oil block in Egypt.
There are three stimulus protocols for recording VEP which are pattern VEP (PVEP), pattern onset/offset VEP, and flash VEP [11].
(3) Gorme ile ilgili herhangi bir sikayeti olmayan bazi hastalarda desen gorsel uyarilmis potansiyeller (PVEP) ve gorme alani (GA) muayene yontemleri ile subklinik anormallikler ortaya cikarilabilir.
"Basically, we are just slowing things down, and we haven't decided to withdraw from the project yet," said Pham Ngoc Khue, head of the investment and development division of PVEP, the Petrovietnam unit that jointly operates the Junin-2 block in Venezuela's Orinoco belt with PetraAleos de Venezuela SA.