PVFPPresent Value of Future Profits
PVFPProgressive Velocity Flexibility Program (athletic stretching technique)
PVFPPark View Financial Planning (UK)
PVFPPulmonary Vein Fat Pad
PVFPPulmonary Venous Flow Pattern
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This support is enabled in the perspective of competency verification and proper operation (PVFP) and regular service verification (VSR) of the SI IRCEC.
Later the VM is degraded which represented by the firing of transition Tvfp to place Pvfp. If VM rejuvenation is triggered by the VM clock, Thfprej fires and a token is deposit in Pvrej.
The hosted VM resumes the execution when the token is deposited in Pvup or Pvfp by the transitions Tvresm or Tvfpresm.