PVGCPotsdam Video Gaming Club (Potsdam, NY)
PVGCPokémon Video Game Championships
PVGCPalos Verdes Golf Club (California)
PVGCPurdue Varsity Glee Club (West Lafayette, IN)
PVGCPalomino Valley Gun Club (Sparks, NV)
PVGCPioneer Venus Gas Chromatograph
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An interesting, well-proven, and useful method to predict the electricity yield for a given site has been reported for PV grid-connected systems (PVGCS) that use c-Si, aSi:H, a-Si:H/[micro]c-Si:H, and a-Si/a-SiGe/a-SiGe technologies in Kusatsu city (Japan, latitude 35[degrees]N, longitude 136[degrees]E) [18-20].
Last, but not least, the works described in the previous paragraph are supported on experimental data which were drawn from the operation monitoring of several PVGCS, whose PV fields had not been calibrated at standard test conditions (STC).
Terminology AM: Air mass ASHRAE: American Society of Heating Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers a-Si:H: Hydrogenated amorphous silicon a-Si:H/[micro]c-Si:H: Hydrogenated amorphous silicon/hydrogenated microcrystalline silicon hetero-Junction CdTe: Cadmium telluride CIGS: Copper indium gallium selenide sulfide c-Si: Crystalline silicon IEC: International Electrotechnical Commission PC: Personal computer PV: Photovoltaic(s) PVGCS: PV grid-connected system(s) RTD: Resistive thermal detector STC: Standard test conditions.