PVGSPeritoneal Venous Jugular Shunt
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The PVGs of scallops have complex internal anatomies consisting of separate lobes that are composed of cores of dense neuropil and cortices of small, densely packed cells (Too and Croll, 1995).
Axons from the photoreceptors in the eyes of scallops project to the lateral lobes of the parietovisceral ganglion (PVG), a nerve center located on the ventral surface of the adductor muscle (Speiser and Wilkens, 2016).
Two types of controls were used to address the possible nonspecific binding of antibodies and the autofluorescence of eye and PVG tissue from A.
Visualizing the expression of G[alpha] proteins helped us identify several features of the PVG of A.
It needs to execute 24-hour load flow analysis with and without considering the installation of PVGS. The output power of PVGS is assumed to be at its peak rating capacity during the load flow analysis.
where [V.sub.k] and [V.sup.PVGS.sub.k] are the voltage magnitude at bus k without and with PVGS, respectively.
By executing the proposed methodology, the maximum PVGS installation is therefore obtained without violating the limits.
where [P.sup.i.sub.PV] is the rating capacity of the ith PVGS and [P.sub.total] is the total power delivered to load.
PVG is typically integrated with a boost power stage.
As shown in [18], [19], the voltage loop small-signal dynamics must be contingent on PVG as well as on load properties.
2, in which the PVG capacitor is interfaced with buck power stage (BuPS).
L and d represent converter inductance and duty cycle, respectively, [R.sub.B] and [V.sub.B] denote load Thevenin parameters, and the PVG is built from current source and a paralell resistor as a Norton equivalent circuits in the electrical diagram of solar cell, when [R.sub.PV] reflects PV static resistance at MPP.