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PVIPrairie View Industries (Fairbury, Nebraska)
PVIPulmonary Vein Isolation
PVIPilot-Vehicle Interface
PVIPrivate, Voluntary and Independent (sector)
PVIPennsylvania Volunteer Infantry
PVIPeripheral Vascular Intervention
PVIPositive Volume Index
PVIPoint of Vertical Intersection
PVIPrimary Vehicle Identifier (General Motors)
PVIPower Vehicle Innovation (French bus and truck manufacturer)
PVIPresent Value Index
PVIPleasant Valley Intermediate School (Brodheadsville, Pennsylvania)
PVIPressure Vessel Inspection
PVIPre-Vulcanization Inhibitor
PVIPacific Vocational Institute (Canada)
PVIPeripheral Venous Insufficiency
PVIPartisan Voting Index (also seen as the Cook Partisan Voting Index, CPVI)
PVIProtected Vehicles, Inc (Summerville, SC)
PVIPrinceton Video Image, Inc (Lawrenceville, NJ)
PVIProfound Visual Impairment
PVIPaul VI High School (Haddonfield, NJ)
PVIPenile Vaginal Intercourse
PVIPeak Value Intersection (urban planning)
PVIPostage Validation Imprinter
PVIPrivate Vocational Institution (Canada)
PVIPairwise Variability Index (measure of acoustic correlates of speech rhythm)
PVIPower Valves International (UK)
PVIPour Votre Information (French: For Your Information)
PVIPeso Vivo Inicial (Portugese)
PVIPetroVietnam Insurance Co.
PVIPhotovoltaic Isolator (electronics)
PVIPersonal Vocal Instruction (aka Private Vocal Instruction)
PVIPolyvinyl Isobutyl Ether
PVIPrivate Vocal Instruction (aka Personal Vocal Instruction)
PVIProduct Verification Inspection
PVIPragmatic Vision, Inc.
PVIPlatform Vendor Independent
PVIProduct Value Information
PVIPersonal Value Inventory
PVIPublicly Visible Identifier (University of Wisconsin Madison)
PVIPlatinum Vapour Injector/Injection
PVIPublic Vomiting Incident
PVIProvinciaal Veiligheid Instituut (Dutch)
PVIPrêts de Véhicules pour l'Aide à l'Insertion (French car loan association)
PVIPara Vuestra Información (Spanish: For Your Information)
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The PVI 50/60TL inverters provide the necessary industrial strength capabilities that our customers require.
Our new PVI 50TL and PVI 60TL inverters have been field tested and have the design flexibility our customers have come to expect with an integrated, detachable wiring box with MC4 connector option, 0-90[degrees] mounting configuration and NEC 2014 compliance with integrated arc fault and rapid shutdown," said Phil Vyhanek, President of Yaskawa - Solectria Solar.
The aMAZE Trial is a FDA approved, multicenter, randomized control trial that is assessing the safety and efficacy of the Lariat left atrial appendage closure procedure combined with pulmonary vein isolation compared to PVI ablation only in patients with persistent or longstanding persistent atrial fibrillation.
It seems therefore essential to ensure, in the acute setting, the effectiveness and durability of the PVI, as this has a direct impact on the long-term outcome.
PVI Sun Life said it benefits by leveraging Sun Life's global expertise and experience in life insurance and pensions and PVI's strong Vietnamese brand, reputation, customer base and distribution strengths.
PVI Sun Life will leverage Sun Life's global expertise and experience in life insurance and pensions and PVI's strong Vietnamese brand, reputation, customer base and distribution strengths.
The Radical-7 with PVI is a measure of dynamic changes in the perfusion index (PI) that occur during the respiratory cycle.
The list of identified clinical symptoms and its frequency is analyzed separately for similar groups of women with and without PVI (Table 1 and Table 2).
The primary objective of the current study was to provide an up-to-date, precise measurement of the prevalence of condom use at last PVI among Canadian university students.
Current tests for Parkinson's are expensive, time consuming and logistically difficult, often resulting in delayed diagnoses--so PVI developed the technology to test for symptoms using voice recordings alone.
Although PVI, which has been supplying e-paper displays for Amazon's Kindle for years, declines to confirm the contract orders, industry insiders widely believe that the business, if it is true, will help the Taiwanese supplier to gradually walk its way out of depressions seen since early this year to thrive in the second half.
Shishpal Garg from Delhi had almost lost hope when he heard about the PVI.