PVMEPoly Vinyl Methyl Ether
PVMEpeak velocity of mitral E-wave
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have assessed the effect of spherical silica nanoparticles on the rheological behavior of low concentrated PVME nanogel prepared through electron beam irradiation and observed that the rheological characteristics of nonhybrid nanogels were similar to the linear polymer solution case [28].
The main goal of this study was to study the effect of CNWs on the phase behavior as well as the rheological and physical properties of PVME nanogels prepared through irradiation.
A commercial grade of PS (GPPS grade 1460) as well as PVME (Lutonal M40) were obtained from Tabriz Petrochemical and BASF, respectively.
The required amounts of PVME and CNWs or M-CNWs were dissolved in water and acetone, respectively, through continuous magnetic stirring for 24 h, and the mixture was then casted on a glass sheet.
Table 3 gives cloud point conversions, [x.sub.cp], of 10 wt% PVME blends.
PVME. PEO) (14-16) or previously determined in our group (PVPh) (12) are listed in Table 1.
For PVPh, the 1014 [cm.sup.-1] aromatic C-H in-plane bending vibration was used for PMMA blends, and the 3031 [cm.sup.-1] aromatic C-H stretching vibration for PEO and PVME blends.
Poly(vinyl methyl ether) (PVME) was supplied from Scientific Polymer Products, Inc.
The vial was loaded with an initial Mo = 2.0 ml of mass fraction [X.sub.PVME,O] = 0.080 of PVME [M.sub.w] = 119 kg/mol, [M.sub.w][M.sub.n] = 2.5) in toluene from pump W.
For reference, the tan [Delta]s of the two homopolymers P2CS and PVME are also shown in the same Figure.
P[Alpha]MS and PVME were purchased through Aldrich Chemical Co.
The experimental times were kept to a minimum to avoid degradation of the PVME. The sample was first heated to the two-phase region (162.0 [degrees] C), and the light-scattering pattern was isotropic under quiescent conditions.