PVNBPhotovoltaic Noise Barrier
PVNBProfessional Videographers of the North Bay (Petaluma, CA)
PVNBPlatte Valley National Bank
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The report indicates that highway photovoltaic noise barriers (PVNBs) or highway solar sound barriers represent the combination of noise barrier systems and photovoltaic systems to mitigate traffic noise while simultaneously producing renewable energy.
PVNB [equivalent to] [integral of] [e.sup.-rt][[C.sup.H]([E.sup.H])[d.sup.H] + [C.sup.L]([E.sup.L])[d.sup.L] + (p - w(X))h]dt between limits [infinity] and 0, (1)
The resource manager strives to maximize PVNB in (1) by choosing efficient rates of development and harvest subject to productive capacities in each sector and to the ecosystem dynamics, including renewable resource impacts from nonrenewable resource use.
The resource manager's task is to choose the [d.sup.i] and h in order to maximize PVNB (1) while satisfying the stock and ecosystem dynamics in (2) and (3), with non-negative stocks, and control constraints (4) and (5).(10)