PVOHPolyvinyl Alcohol
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Furthermore, I think packaging engineers and product designers should add PVOH to their toolbox of materials when designing environmentally responsible products and packaging.
PVOH is a synthetic polymer and, although its solubility is a necessary property in the applications mentioned earlier, it has been one of its biggest drawbacks in terms of widening its usage.
Our complexes can be blended with PVOH in large amounts to make films with good physical properties and increased elasticity, Fanta says.
In addition, Nippon Gohsei supplies water soluble film made from PVOH under the Hi-selon brand for packaging of agricultural chemicals and medicines, along with other applications.
Situated on 81 acres of land, the new KURARAY POVALTM plant will produce 40,000 metric tons of PVOH annually and employs a total workforce of nearly 100 employees (54 Kuraray employees and 40 contract personnel).
Bohorquez and Asua (11) also synthesized poly(vinyl acetate/VeoVa10) miniemulsions with a polymeric surfactant named PVOH.
The key to this blend of two natural starch polymers, amylose and amylopectin, and the synthetic polymer, polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH), is their natural affinity to each other, which is the result of the large number of hydroxyl groups present in the compounds.
As with the polymer systems discussed already, PVOH was also found to experience a significant decrease in [T.sub.g] as the measured in-service [T.sub.g] value dropped 110[degrees]C and contained almost 50% water in the amorphous regions.
Halley, "The enzymatic hydrolysis of starch-based PVOH and polyol plasticised blends," Carbohydrate Polymers, vol.
Sandas and Salminen (4) studied the interactions between English clay and polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH), carboxymethylcellulose (CMC), starch, and synthetic thickeners.
PVOH icin karakteristik bulgular, interstisyel odem, interlobuler septalarda opaklasma ve kalmlasma, lenfadenopati, plevral efuzyondur (25).