PVQParti Vert du Québec (French: Quebec Green Party)
PVQPressure Vessel Quality (steel plates)
PVQPortrait Value Questionnaire
PVQPre-Visit Questionnaire
PVQPredictive Vector Quantization
PVQPyramid Vector Quantization
PVQPersonal Verification Questions (security)
PVQPerinatal Values Questionnaire
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Individual values were also collected using the Schwartz PVQ (Schwartz 1992), which is used to characterize consumers on the basis of strong and stable characteristics and personal values that guide individual attitudes and behavior toward responsible companies (Caracciolo et al.
'Portrait Value Questionnaire's (PVQ) usefulness in explaining quality food-related consumer behavior'.
O PVQ tem como elemento central o cidadao integrado na dinamica interdependente cidadaocomunidade-profissionais-organizacao de saude e desenrola-se segundo tres eixos: satisfacao do cidadao, desempenho profissional e qualidade organizacional (Figura 4).
With this release of Aurora, Tektronix is directly addressing these challenges by incorporating proven PVQ technology from its Sentry family of video network monitors.
The PVQ was analyzed using suggestions by Schwartz (n.d) to compute scores for the 10 items which constitute the 10 motivational human values.
The Portrait Value Questionnaire (PVQ), created by Schwartz and colleagues (2001), consists of 40 gender-specific descriptions that measure an individual's personal values.
His individual-level values theory was mainly summarized as ten motivationally distinct value types and the latest more narrowly refined 19 value types, two higher-order dimensions, four guiding principles, and several instruments (i.e., Schwartz Value Survey (SVS)-56/57, Portrait Value Questionnaire (PVQ)-21, PVQ-40, PVQ-R).
Ltd (Nasdaq: HQCL), has reached a favourable result regarding inventory valuations in its arbitration proceedings against the Insolvency Administrator of the assets of Global PVQ SE I worth EUR45.9m.
The Urdu version of 40-item Portrait Value Questionnaire (PVQ; Schwartz, 2001) was used in present study to measure Personal Values on a six point Likert scale.
Two instruments--the Pediatric Volitional Questionnaire (PVQ; Basu et al., 2008) and the Volitional Questionnaire (VQ; de las Heras et al., 2007)--can assist with this understanding.
It is taken from the Portrait Values Questionnaire (PVQ) (Schwartz, Melech, Lehmann, Burguess, & Harris, 2001) in order to measure the 10 values of that theory (universalism, benevolence, tradition, conformity, security, power, achievement, hedonism, stimulation and self-direction).
(Medrano, Aierbe, 2008) que mide los valores percibidos en el personaje favorito de los adolescentes, Se trata de una adaptacion de la escala 21 PVQ de Schwartz (2003) que consta de 21 items, cuyas respuestas puntuan en una escala de tipo Lickert con valores entre 1 y 6.