PVSDPleasant Valley School District (various locations)
PVSDPerkiomen Valley School District (Collegeville, PA)
PVSDPortola Valley School District (California)
PVSDPost-Vacation Stress Disorder (humor)
PVSDPeripheral Vestibular System Disorder
PVSDProgrammable Variable Storage Device
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The minimization of outgassing is critical, as even moderate amounts of residual outgassing within the vacuum space over the life of the PVSD can cause the vacuum to lose its integrity, increasing heat transfer into the device.
As a first line of defense against the elements, the outside of the device consists of a metal enclosure padded with protective rubber bumpers, while the inner part of the PVSD consists of a smaller shell connected at the very top to the outside with a cantilever neck.
As a result of the experimental and theoretical work that went into the PVSD, the device is capable of making a significant impact on the vaccine cold chain in the developing world, allowing vaccines to travel into more remote regions and to be stored for longer periods of time without the need for power.