PVTCSPhotovoltaic Module Thermal Control System
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In Literacy Sector, achievements made during 2014-15 include imparted literacy to 237,282 students in NFBE Schools and provided vocational training to 3,720 persons at PVTCs under Punjab Accelerated Functional Literacy and NFBE Project; 6667 Functional Literacy Centers have been established under Punjab Literacy Movement Project and one cycle completed; 1000 NFBE Schools and 210 Community Learning Centers have been established under Punjab Work Place Literacy Project, 60 CLCs were established and 3,593 people were imparted with basic literacy and given vocational training under Community Learning Centers (CLCs) Project (Phase-II).
At the time, those measures appeared to fix the problem, but today astronauts on the football field-size space station noticed a steady stream of frozen ammonia flakes leaking from the area of the suspect coolant loop in the Photovoltaic Thermal Control System (PVTCS).