PVTTPortal Vein Tumor Thrombosis
PVTTPacific Vehicle Testing Technologies Ltd.
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PVTT None 37 225 42 32 0.35 (0.10-1.25) VP1 1 9 0 1 0.24 (0.04-1.42) VP2 0 11 1 5 0.93 (0.20-4.31) VP3 4 23 2 6 0.39 (0.09-1.59) VP4 1 4 1 3 Ref.
Management options are limited and the optimal treatment for HCC patients with PVTT is controversial.
The concept of endovascular brachytherapy with iridium-192 was reported first in 2007 for tumors of the vena cava.[sup][4] Recently, malignancy-induced stenosis has been managed by implantation of a low dose-rate iodine-125 ([sup]125 I) seed-loaded stent.[sup][5],[6],[7],[8] Several animal[sup][9],[10] and clinical[sup][11],[12],[13],[14] studies have also demonstrated the short-term efficacy and safety of endovascular placement of a single [sup]125I seed strand and a stent combined with TACE for HCC with PVTT. However, those studies focused only the seeds activity, number, and effectiveness of [sup]125I seeds and complications of the modality; dosimetric aspects of a stent combined with [sup]125I seed strand(s) have seldom been reported.
The final study population comprised 5 patients with FNH and 22 patients with HCC (excluding 14 patients with PVTT: 9 PVTTs in the right branch or its sub-branch, 1 in the left branch, and 4 in the trunk or its bifurcation).
Second, including PVTT in the HCC group could be an important determinant of the different results.
However, no statistical difference was found between DEK expression and age, gender, cirrhosis status, lymph node metastasis (LN), and PVTT (P(greater than)0.05, respectively).
The basic principals of a PVTt method are based on the ideal gas equation, and the mass flow is calculated based on:
[u.sub.34L PVTt & CPFM] = ([u.sub.34L PVTt.sup.2] + [u.sub.CPFM.sup.2] + [u.sub.LFM reproduci bility.sup.2])[.sup.1/2] = [(0.014)[.sup.2] + (0.019)[.sup.2] + (0.014)[.sup.2]][.sup.1/2]% = 0.027%.
Figure 1 shows the five stages of traceability that link the calibration of a MUT at the Iowa facility to the NIST 26 [m.sup.3] PVTt flow standard.
Keywords: correlated uncertainty; gas flow standard; inventory volume; mass cancellation; PVTt standard; sensor response; uncertainty.