PVYCPrairie Village Yacht Club (Kansas)
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PVYO (ordinary) PVYC (common) PVYN (necrotic) PVYZ and PVYE arefive strains group of potato isolates while new recombinant genotype/strains (PVYN/NTN PVYNTN PVYNWI and PVYNTN-NWI) have been evolved from the genomic recombination in PVY (Ali et al.
1) and PVYfurther analyzed and a phylogenetic tree with four different groups PVYNTN-PVYN/NTN PVYN-PVYN-WI PVYO and PVYC was obtained (Fig 4).
The PVYC isolates induce stipple streak symptoms on some potato cultivars and is not transmissible by aphids [12,33].