PVYNPotato Virus Y Necrotic
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Genomic variability in Potato potyvirus Y (PVY): evidence that [PVYN.sup.W] and [PVY.sup.NTN] variants are single to multiple recombinants between PVYO and PVYN isolates.
The occurrence of PVYO PVYN and PVYN: O strains of Potato virus Y in certified potato seed lot trials in Washington and Oregon.
Evolution of North American PVYNTN strain Tu 660 from local PVYN by mutation rather than recombination.
PVY is extremely variable and three groups of strains are recognized (PVYO PVYN and PVYC).
Es interesante destacar la relacion observada entre la mayoria de cepas obtenidas en este estudio y aquellas clasificadas como PVYN y [PVY.sup.NTN], con las cuales compartieron niveles de identidad superiores al 96%.
Isolation of proteins from Datura stramonium have ability to inhibition the multiplication of potato virus Y (PVYn).