PW2Promotion Wars 2 (game)
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PW2 has also disputed certain signatures of the authors of the said report.
The document is also not the handiwork of PW2. This authority would have been binding if the authors were invited into the witness box to testify.
PW2 has never admitted being a member of this committee, nor testified before it to enable his credibility to be tested.
I must state that although PW2 is an official from CRIG, he has not been served a notice to testify as to the document in that capacity, and in any case, he was neither a party nor appeared before that committee and/or testified.
Virus from the amniotic fluid (BKK03), fetal brain (BKK02), and placenta (BKK04) of PW2 closely resembled each other (5 mismatches in BKK04 and 6 in BKK03, overall 99.898% identity).
PW2 was infected around week 9 of gestation, during embryonic neurulation and cortical neurogenesis, which lay the foundation for the developing brain.
nambi PW2 (30 ml) was added into another half-root system (CF PW2); 6) nematode added into one half-root system and the spawn of N.
nambi isolate PW2, 0.2% DMSO and aurisin A (500 mg/L) showed the lower percentage of root galls 4.5, 4.8 and 5.3%, respectively.
Treatment Root galling Reduction (%) (b) (%) (c) N+ CF PW2/30 ml (a) 4.50 [+ or -] 2.65bc 78.13 N+ SP PW2/ 30 g 3.50 [+ or -] 3.98c 82.99 N+ CF/15 ml+SP/15 g (PW2) 3.50 [+ or -] 3.32c 83.87 N+ Aurisin A /10 ml 5.30 [+ or -] 3.59b 74.25 N+ 0.2% DMSO /10 ml 4.80 [+ or -] 2.50bc 76.68 N-only 3,000 eggs/pot 20.58 [+ or -] 3.86a - N-only 20.6e - Control 0.00 [+ or -]d - C.V.
Gwasanaeth Cyfle Barnardo's, Dinbych Gweithiwr /wraig Cyfranogiad Pobl Ifanc Rhan Amser (PW2) pounds 13,512 y flwyddyn (22.5 awr yr wythnos - gan gynnwys gyda'r nosau, penwythnosau a gwyliau ysgol) Cytundeb tymor penodol tan fis Mawrth 2011 Byddwch yn cefnogi'r gwaith o ddatblygu cyfranogiad effeithiol gan bobl ifanc yn Sir Ddinbych.
P/T Research & Development Worker (PW2) pounds 10,559 pa (17.5 hpw - days and hours to be agreed) Fixed-term until 30th June 2011 You'll recruit families into the Project SFP Cymru research trial and collect data from participants in their homes.
Barnardo's Cyfle Service, Denbigh P/T Young People's Involvement Worker (PW2) pounds 13,512 pa (22.5 hpw - includes evenings, weekends and school holidays) Fixed-term until March 2011 You'll support the development of effective involvement of young people in Denbighshire.