PWAAPhoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (game)
PWAAPolish Women's Alliance of America (Chicago, IL; est. 1898)
PWAAPublic Works Assistance Account (various locations)
PWAAPiney Woods Apartment Association (Nacogdoches, TX)
PWAAProject Work Authorizing Agreement
PWAAProject-Wide Activity Area
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The second noteworthy point of verb tense performance is the intraindividual variability across tense types; that is, many PWAA's accuracy was widely different across tenses (e.g., JS scored 0.3 and 0.8 for past and present tense, [11]; see the Appendix).
These accounts propose that mapping of conceptual-semantic representations onto morphosyntax involved in tense marking is challenging for PWAA, primarily because it involves more computations and strictly structural operations such as verb agreement.
* Project Work Authorizing Agreement (PWAA)--Sao contratos internos que ajudam a implementacao do planejamento, neles constam a descricao das tarefas, as datas dos entregaveis, o tempo e fases dos investimentos e a aprovacao do gerente do projeto;