PWBFPhiladelphia Wooden Boat Factory (Pennsylvania)
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On that pretext, the International Woodball Federation also informed PWbF to take immediate action, Shahid said.
All subjects rated PPFEB, PWBF, and POH as "fair" or better (2.4 [+ or -] 0.9, 2.9 [+ or -] 1.0, and 2.3 [+ or -] 0.7, respectively).
PPFEB, PWBF, and POH all showed a significant inverse correlation with flexibility (sit-and-reach test) (P<0.05).
PPFEB, PWBF, and POH all showed significant inverse correlations to days per week engaged in aerobic activity, strengthening, and stretching exercise (P<0.05).
Days per week engaged in stretching exercise were significantly different across levels of both PPFEB and PWBF (H(3) = 21.51, P = 0.00 and H(4) = 20.69, P = 0.00, respectively), but days per week engaged in strengthening exercise was only significantly associated with PPFEB (H(3) = 18.81, P = 0.00) (Table 2).
Firefighters in this study were able to relate measured flexibility status to PPFEB and PWBF, and body composition status to PWBF and POH more accurately than measured aerobic, muscular strength and endurance.
However, the lack of association between PWBF and POH with any more than one area of physical activity suggests more education on the benefits of strength training and stretching to body composition and overall health is needed in this population.
Additionally, some self-report bias for the PPFEB, PWBF, POH, and days per week physical activity rating may have existed as these are subjective measures.