PWBSProgram Work Breakdown Structure
PWBSProject Work Breakdown Structure
PWBSPsychological Well-Being Scale
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Later, different versions of the PWBS (3 items, 7 items, 9 items, and 14 items per subscale) were developed because there was a need for a short and easy-to-take version since clinical staff such as physicians and nurses have limited time to complete items.[4] Based on the literature review, most studies focused on the dimensions of depression and emotional exhaustion.
Selective Leading-EdgeTWG Drivers ATTRIBUTE 2011 2013 PRINTED WIRING BOARDS (PWBS) PWB materials FR-4, BI, GI, FR-4, BI, GI, Duroid Duroid Board size maximum 2000 2000 ([cm.sup.2]) No.
Additionally, LCD TVs are increasingly dismantled to improve the recovery of precious metals that are present in the printed wiring boards (PWB).
All the participants were familiar with their PWBs. These PWBs were really useful as single PWBs for one person so if the health worker is not present at the DOTS site, they can take drugs directly from the PWBs and empty pouch can be put back there in their PWBs.
The PWBS is based on a multidimensional model of psychological well-being; the dimensions are as follows: (a) Positive relations with others, characterised by warming, satisfying, trusting and satisfactory relationships, concern for others' well-being, empathy, affection, intimacy and understanding of relationships.
Spanish adaptation of the Psychological Well-Being Scales (PWBS).
In this example, five material items were used for implementing the PWB procedure: the PWBs, printed name or attached name tags, speaking mood indicators, dry erase markers, and tissue paper for erasing answers.
All participants completed the PWBS, and those from one of the three universities also completed relevant criterion scales to examine the measure's validity.
Evidence of construct validity of the FFMQ-BR was also confirmed through statistically significant correlations between total score and the scores of its facets and the total score of all the subscales of PWBS. As expected, the total score of FFMQ-BR correlated positively with all its facets and with the total score of PWBS and its factors (p < 0.001).