PWCNTParks and Wildlife Commission of Northern Territory (Australia)
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JR also thanks the PWCNT and the Department of Lands Planning and Environment of the Northern Territory for support.
Leo Abbott, after many years working as a liaison officer and ranger with the PWCNT, is currently Community Development Program coordinator at Twjampa, Hermannsburg.
This is a great opportunity to expose students, staff and the people living in remote communities to positive messaging and male and female role models from the NT Police, PWCNT and local Ranger groups, Minister Price said.
With the help of NT Police, PWCNT Community Engagement Officer, Clare Pearce, delivered 52 talks to more than 1500 kids in three weeks.
In previous years, the delivery of the Be Crocwise safety education campaign in very remote areas was driven by the necessity to make best use of chartered air transport, so the recent collaboration between PWCNT and the NT Police enabled the delivery of the Be Crocwise safety education campaign to four remote schools in Arnhem Land.