PWCPProcess Work Center of Portland (Portland, OR)
PWCPProfessional Wet Cleaning Partnership
PWCPPatients with Chronic Pain
PWCPPfeifer-Weber-Christian Panniculitis (inflammatory disorder)
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The MACT rule covering plywood and wood composite products (PWCP) was promulgated in the Federal Register on July 30, 2004, followed by a "Boiler MACT" on November 12, 2004.
The PWCP MACT rule would not require a sawmill to add end-of-pipe control equipment to the kilns; however, there would likely be reporting and record-keeping requirements that are not clear at this time.
Alpha coefficients were satisfactory (e.g., ASES; males = .75, females = .85; PWCP: males = .76, females = .73; USC: males = .78, females = .87).