PWCTProgramming without Coding Technology (software)
PWCTPublic Works Civil Technician (Georgia Department of Transportation)
PWCTPerfusion-Weighted Computed Tomography
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Drawing on TWAIL, Boyle and Kobayashi conceive of international law as conceptually Western and argue that it is therefore unable to deliver justice for 'distant others.' PWCT's, they argue, open up the possibility of accessing and articulating non-Western traditions of ethics, law and justice.
Programming Without Coding Technology (PWCT) is a free software package that provides a GUI which allows the student to construct a program by using an interface with pop-up boxes and templates to reduce the need to know the exact syntax.
The user interface for PWCT prompts the user so that the actual syntax is not as critical as in traditional software packages.
The PWCT software still requires that the user have a familiarity of computer structures such as the While-Loop and the If-Then.