PWCWPlay with Cake Walk (Korea)
PWCWPhoenix Workforce Connection West
PWCWPale Western Cutworm in Wheat (entomology)
PWCWPreble Way & Crescent Way (city of Portsmouth, New Hampshire streetscape project)
PWCWPublic Works Center, Washington (US Navy)
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The demographic variables are identical to those used by Burdekin and Idson and are the log of the percentage of whites (call this variable LWHITEMSA), the white unemployment rate (WURATE), the black unemployment rate (BURATE), the percentage of whites in white-collar jobs (PWCW), the percentage of whites in blue-collar jobs (PWCB), the percentage of blacks in white-collar jobs (PBCW), and the percentage of blacks in blue-collar jobs (PBCB).
[TABULAR DATA FOR TABLE 4 OMITTED] TABLE 5 Results of Probit Test [dependent variable = race of manager (M)] Variable Estimated Coefficient T-Ratio LWHITEMSA -0.053 -0.13 WURATE -2.108 -0.74 BURATE -0.721 0.86 PWCW 0.581 1.65 PWCB -1.85 0.72 PBCW -0.592 1.90 PBCB -0.984 -1.01 CONSTANT 1.976 1.26 Sample Size = 114 Adjusted [R.sup.2] = 0.068 SEE = 0.354 Source: Geographic Profile of Employment and Unemployment 1986-92, Sporting News NBA Register 1990-91, Sporting News Official NBA Guide