PWKPaul Wilbur Klipsch (audio engineer)
PWKPuppets Who Kill (TV show)
PWKPhone Wallet Keys
PWKPalwaukee Composite Squadron
PWKPower Word Kill (gaming, Dungeons & Dragons spell)
PWKPolitischer Wochen Kommentar (German: Weekly Political Comment)
PWKPeople Worth Knowing (band)
PWKPeter W. Kulicki (acoustic engineer; PWK Designs)
PWKPasty White Kids
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Briefly, consensus sequences from the WSB, PWK, and CAST strains were mapped to the alignment and gaps filled with Ns.
Because patient information is automatically filed away in a digital format, it only takes a few clicks of the mouse to include the electronic attachment ID in the PWK segment of the 837 file.
[19] Kang SS, Passen EL, Ruggie N, Wong PWK, and Sora H (1993).
Path/walk Randic shape indices PWk (including PW2, PW3, PW4, and PW5) belong to topological descriptors and show much higher discrimination among isomers when compared with the kappa shape indices (17), (18).
You can wipe it clean and dump the ironing on it if you require more colour; never invite tidy people around during daylight hours; always buy sofas and beds with feet so you can kick detritus underneath in emergency situations; and; beware PWK (people without kids).
(10.) Coffey MC, Strong JE, Forsyth PA, Lee PWK. Reovirus therapy of tumours with activated ras pathway.
We start from a square-root-free version TQL of the tridiagonal QL algorithm, such as those by Pal, Walker and Kahan (PWK) [13, p.169] or by Gates and Gragg (GG) [5].
For more detail on the Egyptian indiction, see Otto Seeck's article in PWK 9 (1916), 1327-32.
However, in the liver expression QTL (eQTL) data, it had a local eQTL in which both the CAST and PWK alleles were associated with higher expression.
The standard departure for Runway 16 out of PWK is a hard right turn to a 360-degree heading.