PWRIPublic Works Research Institute
PWRIProduced Water Reinjection (oil & gas industry)
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When asked whether this was likely to change with the construction of this new PWRI well, Mr Alexander said: "The simple answer is that any future water injection would be to dispose of any water we produce from the Horse Hill oil reservoir, plus surface rainwater that accumulates on the site.
Tests have been initiated by PWRI in cooperation with other agencies to determine the performance of both existing and newly constructed rectangular and circular steel bridge piers.
At the invitation of PWRI, he spent one month studying isolation bearing technology at the research laboratories in Tsukuba, Japan.
Hisanori Otsuka is the head of PWRI's Earthquake Engineering Division.
(PWRI) promised to give their excess water for free to affected residents.
Water tankers from the city's different barangays will be sent to PWRI's plant at the South Road Properties (SRP) where they have a daily excess production of 8,000 cubic meters of water.