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PWRSPacific Western Rail Systems (Surrey, BC, Canada model railroading reseller)
PWRSPacific Western Rail Systems (Surrey, British Columbia, Canada)
PWRSPorsche World Road Show
PWRSPrepositioned War Reserve Stock
PWRSPoulton and Wyre Railway Society (UK)
PWRSPortsmouth Weather Records Service (est. 1976; Portsmouth, VA)
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EPRI report showed that the DH contents (0.4494- 5.2130 mg/kg) do not appear to greatly impact the relative boron uptake within the crud of fuel cladding in simulated primary water of PWRs, although some systematic trends in the chemical composition of the crud resulting from change in DH contents could be detected [34].
Murase, "Countercurrent gas-liquid flow in a PWR hot leg under reflux cooling (I) air-water tests for 1/15-scale model of a PWR hot leg," Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, vol.
Improvement of PWR safety by means of improved controlling the fuel cladding fracture due to damage accumulation / S.
As a leading company in PWR plants, MHI will continue to focus on the nuclear power markets in France and other countries, while contributing to the safety and reliability of nuclear power market around the world.
According to this analysis, Table 1 shows the chemical requirements specified for materials SA-533, SA-508, DIN 20 MnMoNi55 and 16MND5 used in 2nd and 3rd generation of pressurized water reactors (PWR) and the experimental limits ([L.sub.e]) according to key researches.
As a result, the nested plates provide a similar effect to a lengthy surge line in a traditional PWR. The nested pressurizer surge plates also allow for a thermal boundary between the saturated pressurizer and subcooled reactor coolant system that otherwise would not be available in components physically adjacent to each other.
An additional novelty is the examination of percentile curves stratified by fetal growth adequacy, specifically focusing upon how PWRs change across gestational age between SGA, AGA, and LGA infants.
While most nuclear power plants are Pressurized Water Reactors (PWRs), the Japanese ones in question were Boiling Water Reactors (BWRs) with small containment which allows heat to gather more quickly in case of crisis.
By the time the last two AGRs, Heysham 2 and Torness, came into operation in 1988, the UK's pretensions to total nuclear design autonomy had been abandoned, and Sizewell B, the first of what was planned to be a fleet of the American-origin PWRs, was being built.
Critics say the new safety requirements have loopholes that make things easier for operators, including a five-year grace period for some of the mandated steps given to reactors known as PWRs. They come with larger containment chambers considered less likely to suffer from pressure buildup than ones like those ravaged at Fukushima.
Filtered vent facilities are also not expected to be an initial requirement for pressurized water reactors, as the reactors are housed in containers larger than those of boiling water reactors, making it less necessary to equip PWRs with the system.
Major exports include essentially complete pressurized water reactors (PWRs) from Westinghouse, which took over from the original exporter Combustion Engineering, reactor components, and nuclear materials.