PWSCCPrince William Sound Community College (Valdez, AK)
PWSCCPrimary Water Stress Corrosion Cracking (nuclear power)
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In order to detect small amounts of PWSCC in the reactor, an inspection needs to be carried out using an automatic inspection system capable of rapid testing and analyzing because the CRDM assembly has minimal human accessibility.
Various NDT methods are currently being used to detect PWSCC in CRDM assembly such as ultrasonic technique (UT), Eddy current technique (ET), visual technique (VT), and penetrant technique (PT).
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In this paper, for the crack as the target which has reached the surface such as the PWSCCs, waves generated near and within the crack as represented in Figure 6(b) should show considerable difference.
One advantage to attending community college and living in a residence hall is the low cost of tuition and room and board, compared to costs at four-year colleges, "especially when students aren't 100 percent sure what they want to do," says Houchin of PWSCC. "They can work on general education classes, and it's not a scary, long-term commitment."
PWSCC doesn't charge out-of-state students extra tuition.
DeSorcie, president of PWSCC. "We can keep in touch with our students to make sure they have all the tools they need to succeed.
The PWSCC student services staff provides the needed support to students either in the classroom or to those who are taking distance courses.