PWSRCACPrince William Sound Regional Citizens Advisory Council (represents communities affected by oil industry decisions; Alaska)
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As a result, PWSRCAC hosted three groups of visitors, mostly from the Gulf Region, this fall and escorted them around Prince William Sound to meet with like-minded local leaders, groups and organizations that assisted communities during the aftermath of Alaska's spill.
Training Gulf Coast visitors in the peer-listener outreach used to help those affected by the Exxon Valdez spill is one of the ways PWSRCAC mentored those on the three trips by offering training, Robinson says, and the organization hopes to train more.
When the Gulf crisis happened, she was familiar with the PWSRCAC's work and knew that the diversity of the group's board of directors and experience would be helpful for connecting stakeholder groups in the south with their counterparts in Alaska.
Or employees can purchase their own smart phone and have PWSRCAC pay them a monthly stipend that equals 75 percent of the cost of their bill and device.
PWSRCAC will identify the cell phone plan for employees to use, such as unlimited talk and text and a fairly large allowance for data.
"We want a plan where if someone leaves PWSRCAC, it's easy for them to walk away," Jones says.
After 20 years, the focus of oversight is changing as PWSRCAC has developed into a mature system and now turns its attention to holding onto what it has accomplished, says Stan Jones, director of external affairs for the council.
"The Spill: Personal Stories from the Exxon Valdez Disaster," to be released March 24 on the anniversary of the spill, is a book six years in the making, developed and published by the Prince William Sound Regional Citizens Advisory Council (PWSRCAC).