PWSTPotokowej Wymiany Sieci Trakcyjnej (Polish: Traction Pipelined Exchange Network; trains)
PWSTPanstwowa Wyzsza Szkola Teatralna (Polish: High School Drama; Krakow, Poland)
PWSTPeacetime Wartime Support Team
PWSTPangea World Service Team (University of Michigan)
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Immersion type sensors were used to detect the collector's and preheated water storage tank (PWST) temperature.
For data of solar irradiation, temperature of water in PWST and the temperature of heat carrier in SC collection and outside air temperature an analog input BACnet objects are used.
Reduplication of letters is fairly common, as in 7:21 GLLTA (see above).(9) Another group of typical reduplications is the intrusion of an /M/ before final /H/, these two letters being graphically very similar: 10:35 LBBMH = dl `heart', for Aramaic lb or lbh; 10:33 GBMH = pwst `back', for Aramaic gb or gbh.
Some clear examples are: 7:21 GLLTA(3) = pwst 'skin', for Aramaic gld ; 7.6 KWTYNA(4) = stl 'mule', for Aramaic kwdn; 23.3 SDRWNtn': STRWNtn' = plyst tn' 'to send'.