PWTDPeople with Targeted Disabilities (employee hiring)
PWTDPosterior Wall Thickness in Diastole (ventricular condition)
PWTDPlane Wave Time Domain
PWTDPulsed-Wave Tissue Doppler (echocardiography)
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Salman said: 'The support of the PWTD is vital for polio programme as they have the experience of working on polio related disabilities.
The PWTD is an autonomous organisation operating under the Punjab Social Welfare Department.
* Formula 2: LV mass (Penn)= 1.04 ([[LVIDD + PWTD + IVSTD].sup.3] - [[LVIDD].sup.3]) - 13, 6 g.
* Formula 3: LV mass (ASE): 0.8 (1.04 ([[LVIDD + PWTD + IVSTD].sup.3] - [[LVIDD].sup.3])) + 0, 6 g.
Significant differences were found among SUA quartiles in HbA1c, TG, HDL-C, eGFR, UAER, UACR, and echocardiographic data like LVDD, LVDS, IVST, and PWTD. As we all know that LVMI is a widely used method to assess LVH.
The research variables were left ventricular end-diastolic internal diameter (LVIDd) in mm, diastolic interventricular septal thicknesses (IVSTd) in mm, left ventricular posterior wall thickness (PWTd) in mm, and left ventricular mass (LVM) in grams.
LVM= 0.8 [1.04 (LVIDd + PWTd + IVSTd) 3(LVIDd)3] + 0.6 g
Punjab CMs Adviser on Health Khawaja Salman Rafique, Punjab Social Welfare Department Secretary Haroon Rafique, Punjab Health Secretary Jawad Rafique Malik, Special Education Department Secretary Ambrin Raza and the PWTD Managing Director Dr.
He said that PWTD is Punjab governments institution that is providing financial assistance to 110 NGOs, and initiatives for the recovery of eye-sight of blind people were being taken on the directives of the Chief Minister Mohammad Shahbaz Sharif, who increased the PWTDs annual grant up to Rs 100 million so as to expedite the services to the disabled persons.
Compared with the PWTD algorithm, the aggregation, translation and disaggregation processes do not require the calculation of the spherical Bessel functions, the Legendre polynomial and spherical integration, so it is relatively easy to implement.
In [21], since the adopted hybrid formulation has the same computational complexity as that of conventional TDIE, plane-wave time-domain (PWTD) algorithm [11], which is highly technical for implementation, is required to accelerate the overall algorithm.
On the other hand, since the proposed formulation is similar to its frequency-domain counterpart [15], the proposed method does not require any specific acceleration algorithm such as PWTD [21].