PWTSPiedmont Wagon Transit System
PWTSPosterior Wall Thickness in Systole (echocardiography)
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The PWTs is a welfare project initiated by the retired officers of Pakistan Air Force.
The delegation highly appreciated the untiring efforts of all the members of PWTs. Aneel Mussarat and other members from the delegation showed their interest in making their valuable contributions towards the project of Pakistan Welfare Towns (PWTs) spearheaded by the speaker National Assembly.
Weight bearing and PWTs were assessed on days 21, 28, 31, 35, and 38 post sham/MNX surgery.
Effect of EA on Ipsilateral PWTs. The results showed that PWTs in saline group decreased slightly at 1-7 h and then recovered near baseline at 25 and 73 h.
Compared with the control group, HW/BW, PWTS, LVEDD, and IVSTD of PBS group showed no significant change (P > 0.05).
For each country in the sample, we take the entire 1961-2010 real GDP series from the PWTs and calculate trend values using a Hodrick-Prescott filter.
TZP alleviated CCI-induced neuropathic pain as evidenced by increased 50% PWTs (days 14-21, P < 0.05, Figure 1), increased PWLs reacting to light brushing (days 14-28, P < 0.05, Figure 2), increased PWLs reacting to heat stimuli (days 7-14, P < 0.05, Figure 3), reduced PWDs reacting to pin prick (days 3-28, P < 0.05, Figure 4), and reduced PWDs reacting to acetone (days 1-28, P < 0.05, Figure 5) compared to the control group.