PWUDPeople Who Use Drugs (statistics)
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Gacho said the PWUDs underwent a series of seminars, detoxification, sessions on how to avoid the drug menace and make a living with dignity, before marching and receiving their certificates at the graduation rites held at the town gymnasium.
Partners in these networks should include police, professional bodies, civic organisations, harm reduction service providers, PWUD and their communities.
The current framework is isolating and destroys the already-fragile social network of PWUD due to fears of stigmatization and criminalization.
It also seeks to ensure the delivery of sustainable, quality, comprehensive harm reduction interventions for PWUD mdash including tailored services for women who use drugs and other groups in need strengthen the capacities, awareness and capabilities of stakeholders to support the development and implementation of cost-effective harm reduction programmes and to promote supportive legal, policy and social environments.Once validated by the Eala and domesticated by EAC member states, the policy will, definitely, make the fight against drug abuse and addiction more humane while according those addicted more protection against HIV infection.
Measurable objectivesThe policy further seeks to promote and ensure access to comprehensive, evidence-based harm reduction services for PWUDs mdash thereby reducing the levels of drug-related health and social harm experienced by these individuals and their families and communities.
However among PWUDs the co-infection rates are obviously much higher, said Dr Guha (up to 15.9%).
It has been universally acknowledged that harm reduction strategies are far more effective as compared to harsh criminalization, when it comes to PWUDs and HIV.