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PXFParallel Express Forwarding
PXFParallel Express Forwarding (Cisco Systems)
PXFPseudoexfoliation (condition pertaining to cataracts)
PXFPeroxisomal Farnesylated Protein
PXFPre-Export Finance
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* Pseudoexfoliation: PXF is distinguished by collection of exfoliated material in the angles with iris atrophy and a poorly dilating pupil that may be detected in the fellow eye.
[13] also reported significantly thinner average and inferior quadrant RNFL in PXF group as compared to control group which was similar to our study.
Seventy eyes (Group A - 35 patients with PXF and Group B - 35 healthy age matched subjects) of more than 40 years of age were included in the study.
It is important to note that patients with PXF were also enrolled in the present study.
Keywords: Central corneal thickness (CCT), Goldmann Applanation Tonometer (GAT), Intraocular pressure (IOP), Pseudoexfoliation glaucoma (PXG), Pseudoexfoliation syndrome (PXF)
where, [Y.sub.ijk] is the response variable measured in the experimental unit k submitted to the nutritional plan i in the j phase, [mu] is the overall constant, Pi is the effect of the i nutritional plan (fixed effect), [a.sub.ij] = effect of animal j within nutritional plan i (random effect), [F.sub.j] is the effect if j performance phase (fixed effect), [(PxF).sub.ij] is the interaction between the principal effects (fixed effect), and [[epsilon].sub.ijk] is the non-observable random error, presupposed with normal distribution.
(16) However, glaucoma drops are often not as effective as expected in some individuals particularly in those with secondary open angle glaucoma, including pseudoexfoliative (PXF) and pigmentary glaucoma.
DC/DC Converters V-Infinity Aimtec MicroPower TDK-Lambda Direct The VLD Aimtec's The A500RHI Operating with Series of AM2GW-X family of 5-W a 4:1 input step-down and AM3GW-Z single-and ratio, the PXF constant Series of dual-output family of current DC/ single and DC/DC single-and dual DC dual output converters output DC/DC converters step-down from converters is designed DC/DC Direct has six-sided to drive converters MicroPower shielded metal high-power offer wide features I/O cases to meet LEDs.
As shown in Table 2, ten patients (0.3%) had chronic angle closure glaucoma (CACG); 237 patients (6.0%) had narrow angle glaucoma (NAG); 151 patients (3.8%) had pigmentary glaucoma (PDS); 1,348 patients (34.0%) had primary open angle glaucoma (POAG); 2,017 patients (50.9%) were glaucoma suspects (GS); 89 patients (2.3%) had pseudoexfoliation glaucoma (PXF); 12 patients (0.3%) had ocular hypertension (OHTN); 28 patients (0.7%) had low tension glaucoma (LTG); 35 patients (0.9%) had neovascular glaucoma (NVG); 20 patients (0.5%) had congenital glaucoma; and 16 patients (0.4%) had juvenile glaucoma.