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PXIPci Extended Interface
PXIPCI Extensions for Instrumentation
PXIPlanet Exploration Inc. (stock symbol)
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And in concert with this trend, we continue to see more and more test systems that are based on card modular architectures and, specifically, the PXI architecture--which is now the market-dominant card modular platform.
Pickering Interfaces' series 40-88xA high-performance switch family now covers 10MHz to 8GHz in the modular PXI format for easy system integration.
Under DRMC, this new combination will leverage the R and D strength and pedigree of PXi with Faxitron's focus on integration and automation.
Users can take advantage of the openness of PXI and the STS to add as many or as few devices as they need to meet the device pin and site counts required in the test configuration.
Most PXI hardware operates in a temperature range between 0[degrees]C and 50[degrees]C.
The modular PXI Express system was also configured with CAN and Ethernet interfaces for communication with the RMR sensor suite.
Agilent's lineup of 47 PXI and AXIe products includes digitizers, arbitrary waveform generators, digitizing oscilloscopes, digital multimeters (DMMs) and a range of switches.
For the first benchmark the GPC algorithm (Nascu, 2002) code was compiled on a PC and the process simulator on the NI PXI. In the second test, the benchmark is transferred on NI cRIO-9102 and the process simulator on the NI PXI.
"We selected the LabVIEW and PXI solution for the deployment platform due to the small size, ruggedness, and cost savings over the traditional VME and programmable logic controller-based model;' say the CERN researchers.
NI-SYNC driver software offers a common software interface for different techniques, including IEEE 1588, PXI backplane and PXI multi-chassis synchronization.
The S32-RH high power PXI chassis features rugged construction, plug-in power and cooling modules, and RS-485 monitoring.
The 3020 digital RF signal generator module is for PXI. It is a high performance module de-signed for complex digital IQ waveform applications in communications systems test.