PXIePCI Express Extensions for Instrumentation
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In February, the company introduced the M9243A PXIe oscilloscope--built with Keysight's InfiniiVision oscilloscope technology and providing up to 1 GHz bandwidth for quick analysis and troubleshooting of wideband signals.
According to Joan Gibson, solutions business manager for A/D and Government Solutions at Keysight Technologies, the company is focusing on exhibiting two specific products: the M9383A PXIe Microwave Signal Generator (Figure 2) and the Test Automation Platform Developer's System (KS8400A).
For example, Keysight Technologies announced the M9383A scalable PXIe microwave signal generator (Figure 2) with frequency coverage to 44 GHz and modulation bandwidth up to 1 GHz for generating complex waveforms used in emerging 5G and aerospace and defense applications.
The new PXIe backplane features one system slot controller and one timing controller slot as well as 15 peripheral slots, each with a PCIe Gen 1 1X lane to the controller.
or optionally, users can design their own custom boards while still occupying only a single PXI or PXIe slot.
On the PXIe backplane, PCIe switches enable system interconnection and I/O expansion.
Limited tenders are invited for pxie based high resolution oscilloscope