PXIePCI Express Extensions for Instrumentation
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Caption: One of RADX' Trifecta-SSD COTS 8TB, 16TB, and 31TB PXIe SSD Raid Modules.
PXIe is an industrial extension of a PCI system with an enhanced bus structure that gives each connected device dedicated access to the bus with a maximum throughput of 24GB/s.
The TBW scales with the number of SSDs in a given PXIe SSD RAID module, so a 16 TB SSD RAID module would support a TBW of 8 x 1,200 or 9,600 TB.
On the PXIe backplane, PCIe switches enable system interconnection and I/O expansion.
or optionally, users can design their own custom boards while still occupying only a single PXI or PXIe slot.
This facilitates the integration of many applications and interfaces including A to D, D to A, camera link, FPDP, and high-speed serial using a single PXIe slot.
A PXIe user-programmable FPGA module, such as the one detailed in Figure 5, incorporates the 400-pin FMC interface, allowing test engineers to incorporate commercial FMC mezzanine modules which can help realize shorter development and verification time for designs, since both the interface and mezzanine card are known entities.
Today, the rapidly evolutions in the area of wireless technologies such as data-driven LTE, Wi-Fi and 5G has boosted demand for the fastest high-speed serial data signals, giving PX1 form factor signal generators a clear advantage in this area, with PXIe modules' ability to provide customizable measurement solutions for market-specific needs--allowing for adopting new wireless technologies easily and quickly.