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PXLPocket Excel (Microsoft)
PXLProximity X-Ray Lithography (semiconductors)
PXLPsychological Experiments Library (University of Mannheim; Germany)
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These results, thus, lead to the rejection of corresponding null hypothesisfor Level and PXL.
Table 1 defines the degree of parity for PXL options as the difference X = K - S where K stands for the option strike price and S for the implicit index level.
Hogeschool PXL wenst een raamovereenkomst af te sluiten:
worry Ready, delivery and monitoring of the printing in the printing and printing services that Hogeschool PXL has a framework agreement.
Hogeschool PXL wishes to conclude a framework agreement 1.
Address : Ogeschool PXL Dienst Communicatie & Bestuurszaken
Groenonderhoud around the premises of the University of Hasselt and the University PXLThe services to be performed concerns outside maintenance on the territory of the Hasselt University and the University PXL and includes - Maintenance of the grassy vegetation and grass mats,- Maintenance of herbaceous vegetation,- Maintenance of the trees,- Maintenance of hedges, shrubs and Bosgoed,- Maintenance of water, wetlands and riparian vegetation,- Maintain the pavements.
Contract notice: Supply of therapeutic counseling for students of University of Hasselt University and PXL.