PXNPhoenix (Amtrak station code; Phoenix, AZ)
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Joung et al., "Nobiletin inhibits angiogenesis by regulating Src/FAK/STAT3-mediated signaling through PXN in ER+ breast cancer cells," International Journal of Molecular Sciences, vol.
Using 50kb flanking regions in the analysis of EAs, the top-ranked (#1) risk pathway was the 'cell-extracellular matrix interactions' pathway (RSU1, LIMS1, LIMS2, ARHGEF6, FERMT2, ACTN1, BLIM1, FLNC, ITGB1, PXN, FLNA, VASP, ILK, TESK1, PARVB, and PARVA) (p < 2.0E-4).
Incorporating the biological, bioinformatic, statistical, and association evidence with previous reports of these genes and pathways, the 'cell-extracellular matrix interactions' pathway (#1) and the PXN gene (which encodes paxillin) were the most promising risk factors for alcohol dependence; their association with alcohol dependence remained statistically significant after adjusting for multiple testing using the Bonferroni correction.
The PXN gene was significantly associated with alcohol dependence in the present study, suggesting the possible role of paxillin in alcoholism.
For PXN activity, we transferred 20 [micro]L diluted serum to a microplate.
We measured the initial rate of substrate hydrolysis from the maximum of the slope (A/min) over a 10-reading interval with extinction coefficients of 1310, 3000, or 17 000 L x [mol.sup.-1] x [cm.sup.-1] for the AE, DZN, and PXN assays, respectively.
In performing the activity assays on the samples, the interassay CVs from the repeat testing of the control sample in every batch were 4.9%, 4.0%, and 3.4% for AE, DZN, and PXN activities, respectively, and the intraassay CVs among the 3 triplicate runs of each sample were 5.2%, 2.7%, and 1.4%.
In the exo-equilibrium, the five subcategories have the same weight (20 percent), which are the points of equilibrium calculated from the formula Pxn = 100/N.
genes with circadian orthologs Integrin-mediated cell PDPK1, VAV3, MAP2K5, PXN, BRAF, et al.
Again, supposing that we already have the factorization (1.1) and we wish to add a pxn block of rows given by [X.sub.new], then we simply compute the QR factorization
18: KBW International Financial Portfolio (KBWX); MENA Frontier Countries Portfolio (PMNA); Dynamic MagniQuant Portfolio (PIQ); and Lux Nanotech Portfolio (PXN).