PXOParallax Online (gaming)
PXOPorto Santo, Madeira Islands, Portugal - Porto Santo (Airport Code)
PXOProspective Executive Officer
PXOPhoenix Orion (performer)
PXOPsi Chi Omega
PXOPredictive Execution Optimizer
PXOPool Executable Object
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The latest version of PXO and VPS have now Enhanced Voice Services (EVS) codec support in accordance with 3GPP TS 26.441 "Codec for Enhanced Voice Services (EVS)." EVS is high performance audio and speech codec that combines high compression and excellent quality provided by modes of operation.
"EVS is key component in state-of-the-art audio and voice communication scenarios including conferencing and the latest Internet of Things (IoT) applications," said Claude St.Pierre, VP of Business Development at Visual ProtoStack, "and as such it is a critical key component of our products," he added that EVS now integrates the rich stack of RTC and IoT protocols provided by PXO and VPS.
Mother Nature whispered to me during my PXO track, "Remember that Approach article you were going to write?" She has now spoken to me loud and clear given our recent hail and turbulence encounters.
The latest version of PXO introduces now TLSv1.3 to support most Session Initialization Protocol (SIP) call control and media scenarios.
"SIP with TLS support has been the preferred industry standard mechanism of RTC call control security for years," said Claude St.Pierre, VP of Business Development at L7TR, "As such, full support of TLSv1.3 greatly expands the RTC and Voice over IP (VoIP) capabilities provided by PXO," he added.
Cutting the cake, from left, are CAPT (Sel) Herm Shelanski (PXO); CAPT John W.
Our class was set at four instructor pilots bound for sea duty, one Cat III PXO, and three Cat I replacement pilots.
It was an FRS syllabus event; I was taking up a Marine student pilot as wingman, while in the lead jet were an FRS instructor pilot (IP) and a squadron PXO, who was in the right seat finishing up his syllabus events.