PXRFPortable X-Ray Fluorescence
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ec-113; d) fragmento de crisol procedente de Marimacho (Antequera, Malaga), excavacion de 1997, Corte 1, Nivel 4; analisis pXRF cualitativo inedito: P: nd, S: nd, Cl: nd, K: nd, Ca: nd, Ti: 0.1, Mn: tr, Fe: 1.9, Co: nd, Cu: 7.3, Zn: tr, As: tr, Ag: nd, Sn: nd, Sb: nd, Ba: nd, Pb: nd.
The increasing interest in PXRF technique is connected with the several advantages that this nondestructive analysis can provide.
Keywords: Papua New Guinea, Sepik coast, Fergusson Island Obsidian, PXRF
The recently-completed drilling program has intersected the main host rock types and provided samples of host rock and weakly mineralised zones that are being studied for their trace element geochemistry, alteration styles and patterns through detailed logging and pXRF analysis.
O sistema de fluorescencia de raios X portatil (PXRF) e constituido de um minitubo de raios X de 4W com um alvo e filtro de Ag (modelo FTC 100 Moxtek Inc.), um detector de Si-Drift com resolucao de 139 eV para a linha de 5,9 keV (Modelo SDD X123 Amptek) e eletronica padrao.
Los analisis de composicion elemental han sido mayoritariamente realizados con un equipo portatil de espectrometria por fluorescencia de rayos X (pXRF) INNOV-X Alpha equipado con tubo de rayos X con anodo de plata, condiciones de trabajo: 35kV, 2[micron]A.
Tongan and Samoan volcanic glass: pXRF analysis and implications for constructs of ancestral Polynesian society.
Data collection for pXRF work is ongoing to aid in exploration targeting and prospect evaluation and ranking.
Para esto, utilice un equipo portable de fluorescencia de rayos X (PXRF), cuyo isotopo radiactivo es de cadmio Cd109.