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PyCon PH 2018 includes a lineup of distinguished speakers from the local and international Python community.
Day one of the the PyCon PH will kick-off with the keynote sessions of Dr.
I am excited for PyCon PH 2018 and I am looking forward to the great talks and meeting awesome people.'
While Cardiff University and UNAM remain heavily involved in the event, PyCon Namibia 2016 is being run by PyNam, the Python Namibia Society, formed in the wake of last year's event.
Jessica Upani, chair of PyNam, said: "We are hoping that PyCon Namibia 2016 will help us get to know each other and work together because I know of brilliant minds here at UNAM who will benefit greatly from guidance from someone more matured in programming.
Python is a major part of the lucrative open source software industry and it is hoped that PyCon Namibia 2016 will help inspire a new generation of Python programmers to develop the software for their own and their country's needs.