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PYGParaguay Guaraní (ISO currency code)
PYGPen-y-Gwryd (5Km track up snowdon the highest point in England & Wales)
PYGPale Young Gentlemen (band)
PYGPretty Young Girls
PYGPreliminary Yield Grade (animal science)
PYGPatricia Yasmine Graf (PYG Design)
PYGPredict Your GPA (Grade Point Average; grade calculator; various universities)
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But now, with the US fully supporting the Kurdish powerful militia PYG and its junior ally the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) composed of Arab and Yazidi fighters, Erdogan is sending his army deep inside Syria to fight this militia which he considers terrorists.
However, the fates finally smiled kindly upon Cerveris this Season 4 since he landed the role of Professor Pyg. And he couldn't be happier about it.
The Pyg Track is pretty straightforward, with occasional boulders to make things interesting.
"Maliki's soldiers have closed the borders," explains a PYG fighter, referring to the Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.
PYG (proteose peptone 0.75 %; yeast extract 0.75%; glucose 1.5%) supplemented with autoclaved E.
philomiragia were grown in liquid trypticase soy broth + 0.1% cysteine (TBS-C) or peptone-yeast extract-glucose (PYG) at 37 [degrees]C with shaking, or on chocolate agar plates.
After working nonstop for days, Pyg has finally carved his marble masterpiece: a beautiful, perfect goddess.
An RAF helicopter and Llanberis rescuers reached a climber stuck on Crib Goch ridge yesterday while a woman injured her ankle in a fall on the Pyg Track and a man fell on the Watkin Path.
Tony Kurta, director of Navy Personnel Command's Surface Warfare Division (PERS-41), explained, "Officers in promotion year group (PYG) '05 to lieutenant commander or junior will be XO/CO Fleet-Up officers.
How come all the teachers and judges (putting the pyg into Pygmalion) look like butlers in drag?
Hot on the heels of a bustling Pride weekend, we are straight into July with PYG teaming up with Redbull tonight to bring you Clair Stirling, better known as Eclair Fifi.