PYGMGlycogen Phosphorylase, Muscle
PYGMMuscle Glycoge Phosphorylase Deficiency
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He was later confirmed to have a homozygous mutation (p.Gln567Pro) in PYGM.
The most commonly identified predisposing conditions of ER are deficiencies of carnitine palmitoyltransferase II (CPT2 gene, OMIM *600650), myophosphorylase (McArdle disease, PYGM gene, OMIM *608455), and myoadenylate deaminase (AMPD1 gene, OMIM +102770).
No Type of Total number of Acanthamoeba/ml Medium Axenic Monoxenic Cultivation cultivation 1 PYGC 2.50 x [10.sup.3] 2.25 x [10.sup.3] 2 PYGM 2.25 x [10.sup.3] 2.00 x [10.sup.3] 3 PYGI 2.25 x [10.sup.3] 2.25 x [10.sup.3] (P -- Proteose peptone; Y -- Yeast Extract; G -- Glucose; C -- Cysteine; M -- Methionine; I -- Isoleucine) Table 2: Effect of various sugars on the axenic and monoaxenic growth of Acanthamoeba in PYGC.