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PYMPhiladelphia Yearly Meeting
PYMPlymouth, Massachusetts (Airport Code)
PYMPlan Your Meetings (Atlanta Metropolitan Publishing Inc.)
PYMPacific Yacht Ministries (Australia)
PYMParish Youth Ministries (various locations)
PYMPanafrican Youth Movement (now Panafraican Youth Union)
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The whistle finally blew and Pym could only watch as January's player of the month rattled a beauty into the bottom corner.
The only way this is possible is if Ant-Man can willingly couple and decouple the Higgs Field and the Pym Field so that he can become his full weight at ant-size when he is packing a punch, and remain lightweight enough to ride a flying ant otherwise.
The Baggies continued to carry a threat, with McLean forcing Pym into a smart save low down to his right, before they doubled their lead in the 25th minute after Troy Archibald-Henville's poor header landed at the feet of Rodriguez, who tapped home from close range.
Peyton Reed is once again in the director's chair, with Michael Douglas returning as Hank Pym.
British novelist Pym "was not a food writer, but she saw the world as if she were," leaving behind diaries and 88 notebooks that proved to be a culinary historian's dream, often including shopping lists and recipes.
I'm the first lady." Barbara Pym to Helen Gurley Brown: "I write domestic novels about ordinary women.
(Rest in peace Pym.) - Frank, Susan, Francis, Lee and Natalie xx.
"The beauty of it is that it all started here with our PYM and Hair for Hope campaigns.
Pym search through many of the lists of solutions for translation problems that researchers and practitioners have assembled during the past half century, in order to see if he could distill a list that would work for any two languages, rather than just one specific pair.
District Court Magistrate Sheri Pym ordered Apple to help the FBI unlock Farook's iPhone 5c by creating a special version of its iOS software to bypass the security systems in place on the phone - something Apple says would set a dangerous precedent and create a backdoor for others to exploit.
The narrator, Poppy Pym was left as a baby in the top hat of Marvin the Magician, one of the performers in Madame Pym's Spectacular Travelling Circus.