PYPSPresbyterian Young Peoples Society
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The PYPS movement of the later '60s, '70s and '80s had a profound effect on many, many lives.
I no longer fit into the demographics of PYPS, although I'm still considered a "youth" by most churches' standards.
"I think one of the downfalls of the church was the time they decided no longer to fund and support PYPS," says Wilma Welsh, who is the clerk of presbytery for Waterloo-Wellington.
I think there were four or five of us, and a lot of them got really active in PYPS. I had friends in a Baptist youth group in town and they had 30 or 40 people in their group.
1931--Several PYPS presbyterial and synodical organizations purchase, lease or are given tracts of land for summer training camps.
As we leave PYPS and youth group and approach the void, we realize that we are the only ones who are truly responsible for filling that void.
She is a communications director for the CNOB PYPS.
That all changed when I helped with a youth-led service, where I announced that a PYPS weekend was coming up and that if anyone was interested they should come and talk to me.
There are a few key things about a Presbyterian Young People's Society weekend that make it, well, a PYPS weekend.
Erin Woods is a member of Calvin, North Bay, Ont., and the worship coordinator for CNOB PYPS.