PYSSPui Ying Secondary School (Hong Kong)
PYSSPointon York SIPP (Self Invested Personal Pension) Solutions (est. 1971; UK)
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(44) Compare the conclusion of Ascension with that of Fates of the Apostles: "Now then I pray the person who may be pleased by the rendering of this poem that he should pray to that holy flock for help, for sanctuary and support for my morbid self" (Nu ic ponne bidde beorn se de lufige / pysses giddes begang paet he geomrum me / pone halgan heap helpe bidde, / frides ond fultomes, 88-91 a); or Juliana: "I pray each person of humankind who recites this poem that, diligent and magnanimous, he will remember me by name and pray the ordaining Lord that he, Protector of the heavens, will afford me help" (Bidde ic monna gehwone / gumena cynnes, pe pis gied wraece, / pet he mec neodful bi noman minum / gemyne modig, ond meotud bidde / paet me heofona helm helpe gefremme, 718b-22).
m.D non m.D other se 277 seo 3 pan 2 pes 28 pa 6 pe 10 paes 51 pet 5 pysan 1 daes 1 paere 1 paene 1 pysses 1 dan 1 pam 94 dam 8 pisum 1 pone 78 done 1 pisne 1 541 15 15 FEMININE H.N.
paet fram ham gefraegn Higelaces pegn god mid Geatum, Grendles daeda, se waes moncynnes maegnes strengest on paem daege pysses lifes aepele ond eacen.