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PYXPattaya (Thailand)
PYX2,6-Bis(Picrylamino)-3,5-dinitropyridine (very high temperature explosive)
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Based on their observations, astronomers discovered the ejected material from T Pyx formed a disk, not a sphere, and instead of being ejected outward from the explosion, the debris stayed within the star system.
C.) pygme or pyx (a fist fight, boxing) was included into the Games--it was permited everything except for the hits to the genitalia and holding of the rival.
Everytime she discovered a handy addition such as zek, pyx or zho in the dictionary while playing a game, she would jot it down in a notepad to help her remember it next time.
The other thing that strikes me, is how the Pyx, hanging at the focal point of the chapel, takes on an unearthly quality, which is further highlighted by the spotlight which shines upon it.
Recurrent nova T Pyx detected by AAVSO observer Mike Linnolt in April, was the first outburst detected since December 1966.
Here are to be discovered the meanings and uses of long-lost liturgical objects: the pyx, or locked box containing the host; the pax, or silver plate kissed by parishioners at mass as a ritual stand-in for the early christian kiss of peace, and the paten, the inverted silver dish covering the chalice of holy wine upon which consecrated bread was offered to communicants.
Mae'r project hefyd wedi esgor ar ail-greu llun o 'Freichiau Crist', dau fwrdd cymun (pyx) neu flwch arbennig ar gyfer cadw bara cysegredig a chostrelau, cwch a llwy ar gyfer arogldarth a lampau crog.
Fuzzy-logic temperature controllers include PYX series controllers in 1/16-, 1/8- and 1/4-DIN sizes with little or no overshoot on startup.
Eventually, the warder allowed Gerard to visit Arden one evening in his cell, where the priest celebrated Mass on "the feast of the Nativity of Our Blessed Lady:' Arden's wife had brought him "the things needed for Mass:' including "a number of small hosts and a pyx," so Gerard could "reserve the Blessed Sacrament" After staying overnight with Arden, Gerard said Mass, gave Arden Communion, "consecrated twenty-two hosts and placed them in a pyx .
Whether accidental or deliberate, O'Flynn left behind his small silver pyx containing the Blessed Sacrament.
Even though a rival cash offer is said to have been made by Schroders (PYX.F), it posed no problems as Credit Suisse wanted to complete the sale before the end of the year.