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PZAProgram Zapobiegania Awariom (Polish: Major Accident Prevention Program)
PZAPlanning and Zoning Administrator
PZAPaul Zealey Associates (UK)
PZAPeter Zimmerman Architects (est. 1982; Berwyn, PA)
PZAPlanning and Zoning Agenda (Alabama)
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Rechallenge with PZA was previously not recommended, but a recent trial has shown that most patients tolerate it.
In patients with a baseline ALT > 120 IU/l or total bilirubin > 40 [micro]mol/l, it is recommended to start standard TB treatment and monitor closely, or to omit PZA initially in severe cases.
PZA kills dormant persister bacteria and plays a critical role in shortening TB therapy.
INH, RIF, PZA, and EMB, along with moxifloxacin (MXF) and amikacin (AMK), were initiated in accordance with 2003 national TB treatment guidelines for possible MDR TB (2).
INH, isoniazid, 6 INH, 6 months isoniazid; 6-12 INH, 6-12 months INH; PZA, Pyrazinamide; RIF, Rifampins; "Efficacy from placebo randomized trials.
The issue of CSF penetration is also unlikely because the penetration of INH and PZA have been shown to be adequate even with a normal blood-brain barrier.
In the June 6 Nature Medicine, Ying Zhang and Angelo Scorpio of Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene and Public Health in Baltimore report that they have identified a TB gene, pncA, that codes for an enzyme that converts the TB-fighting PZA into an acid lethal to the bacterium.
During the event, Huntkey lauched a number of new power strip series, including SZN, SZM, SZK, PZA, PZB, PZC, PZD, SGA and PUA.
The most effective pharmacotherapy is a multidrug combination of INH, RMP, PZA and EMB for an initial 2-month intensive treatment (initial intensive phase).
EMB and PZA were continued for 2 months; INH and RIF were continued for 10 months (Table), at which time the patient was considered cured.
PZA plays a unique role in shortening the duration of current TB therapy to six months and is used frequently to treat multi-drug resistant TB.